Accident Investigations

  • Scene Inspection
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Visibility and Sight Restriction Studies and Documentation
  • Scene Survey
  • Scene Photographs
  • Roadway Friction Testing
  • ​Road Sign and Traffic Evaluation

Vehicle I​nspection

  • Commerical Vehicles
    • ​Brake Inspections
    • Records/Driving Log Review
    • Mechanical and Body Evaulation​
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Vehicle Photography
  • Commerical and Passenger Vehicle Downloads

Litigation Support
  • 3D Animations of Collision Re-enactment
  • Visual and Written Presentation of Evidence
  • Expert Testifying 


  • Crash Testing
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Delta V & Aerodynamics
  • Speed Calculations
  • Time & Distance Compuations
  • Crush Evaluation
  • Driver Perception and Reaction

Case Analysis & Reporting​​

  • After the data from the scene and the vehicles is collected, it is analyzed to discover the pertinent facts concerning the crash and the actions of the drivers involved.  Determination of accident preventability and causation are the goals. 

  • Speed, time, and distance computations are made and provided to our clients in a binder containing the photographs, data, reference material and the written expert report.
  • A two or three-dimension animation may be produced based on the findings at the scene and the analysis of the data collected.  We are available to appear at trial or deposition regarding our investigation, reconstruction, and findings. ​
  • Additionally, we offer professional Power Point presentations, animations, and video reenactments for use in mediation, arbitration, and trial.
Reconstruction Accident Reconstruction